Helping you provide social care to your clients in a coordinated & collaborative team-based approach

Who Is Using Caretivity

Teams that provide services across multiple disciplines use Caretivity to communicate and collaborate. Here are just a few of the types of teams we serve.

Wraparound Teams

Early intervention Teams

multi-disciplinary / multi-system teams

Specialized dockets

Foster Care & Social Services

Don’t see yours above? That’s okay. We help teams from all types of backgrounds and disciplines. Just ask how Caretivity could be right for your team.

Why People Use Caretivity

Caretivity is not another “system” your staff is forced to use. Instead, Caretivity brings your communication into one convenient place, making family engagement, collaboration, and compliance easier than ever.

Caretivity takes minutes to download and setup. No training, rollout, or IT help required.

Your staff, clients, families, and partners will love using Caretivity for their team-based services.

How Caretivity Works

Getting started with Caretivity is easy. Here’s how it works.

Team Coordinators Form the Team

Coordinators use the app to create teams. They can invite people to download the app and join the team.

Communicate like never before

A lot happens in between team meetings. Caretivity allows communication to happen quicker, so teams can provide help when it matters.

Meet face-to-face from anywhere With video conferencing

No scheduling, downloading, or struggling required. Conducting a video call in Caretivity is the easiest way to get your team to meet remotely.

Share documents, consents, etc.

Sharing files has never been easier. Caretivity is a team’s one-stop location to share, store, and access documents, pictures, videos, and more.

Coordinate and schedule events

Finding a time for your team to meet is easier than ever. Suggest a few dates and times and let the group vote on which work best.

Generate reports TO FULFILL compliance

All the great communication you do in Caretivity is recorded and ready to upload into your EHR/Compliance systems.

What People Are Saying About Caretivity

We think you’ll love using it. Thousands of social workers already do.

“CareTivity REALLY helped us coordinate…”

I’m so thankful that we were already rolling it out in our county with our movement to work-from-home for the foreseeable future!

– Peggy Garcia, Director, Athens County Family and Children First Council

Real Examples of Caretivity in Action

Simple Words of Encouragement

A family was working with a team to address the complex needs of their child. The child’s health issues often led to sudden changes in plans, new challenges, and a lot of emotional stress.

Read how Caretivity gave the mother an outlet for seeking in-the-moment advice, coordinating new schedules, and receiving support from people who cared.

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Quickly Adapting to Unexpected Changes

At the last minute, a high-risk adolescent needed to be transferred out of a residential facility and into a new one.

His unique situation was making the transfer more complicated than normal.

Read how Caretivity accelerated the process for the team, saving them time, money, and emotional burden.

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Fixing Relationships Through Focused Communication

Two separated parents, with a past filled with drug abuse and domestic violence, recently reunified with their son and split custody time each week.

Learn how these parents used Caretivity to go from hostile communication to showing empathy and ensuring their son had smooth transitions between households.

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Stepping Up to the Plate for a Child in Need

A child was suddenly experiencing an unsuitable living condition.

Read how the father used Caretivity to address the issue, come up with a plan, and fix the problem in a matter of hours, ultimately leading to his reunification.

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HIPAA Secure

No IT Setup Required

Easy for Any Technical Skill-Level

Our Values

We think team-based care is often the best form of care. That’s why we created Caretivity with the following values top-of-mind.

Team-Based Collaboration

It takes a village. By coming together, anything is possible. Caretivity allows teams to invite anyone they want to a team, not just professionals, so that they can provide support. 

We believe all members of the team can make a difference, whether it’s lending a hand to help, a head to offer advice, or a heart to just listen.

Individualized Family Focus & Engagement

No one on the team knows the circumstances of the family they serve as well as the family members themselves.

Families that take ownership of the decision-making process are more likely to see successful outcomes.

Caretivity offers the opportunity for families to engage more and let their voices be heard.

Strengths & Outcome focus

It’s easy for teams to focus on where the family fell short, which can be demoralizing for those families.

Instead, teams should focus on the strengths of their families and how they can use those strengths to overcome challenges.

Caretivity allows teams to keep their eyes on the prize and never lose sight of their desired outcomes.

Community-Based & Natural Supports

When positive changes happen at home, in the community, and alongside those who the family trusts, positive outcomes are more likely to last.

Caretivity allows teams to tap into existing relationships for natural supports to contribute where it matters most.

What’s New in Social Services

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