Social care with a team-based approach

Caretivity centralizes your communication with staff, clients, families, and partners. Plus, the app takes minutes to download and set up.

Teams We Serve

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Wraparound Teams

Early intervention Teams

multi-disciplinary teams

Specialized dockets

Foster Care & Social Services

“CareTivity REALLY helped us coordinate…”

I’m so thankful that we were already rolling it out in our county with our movement to work-from-home for the foreseeable future!

– Peggy Garcia, Director, Athens County Family & Children First Council

“Caretivity has really helped our START program reach the Fidelity Standards and goals.”

It helps us strengthen our communication between our families, caseworkers, mentors, and providers by giving the whole team one place to collaborate and hold each other accountable.

Caretivity makes daily communication simple and easy, allowing me to send one communication rather than repeat the same info over and over to multiple parties.

Pulling a report of all our teams’ activities makes staying in compliance a breeze.

It was very easy to get our organization, providers, and families up and running with Caretivity.

– Jacelyn McGaughey, Ohio START Caseworker

Jacelyn McGaughey Caseworker for Ohio START

How Caretivity Works

No training, rollout, or IT help is needed to get started. Here’s how the app works.

Team Coordinators Form the Team

Coordinators use the app to create teams. They can invite people to download the app and join the team.

Communicate like never before

A lot happens in between team meetings. Caretivity lets communication happen quicker, so teams can provide help when it matters.

Meet face-to-face from anywhere With video cALLing

No scheduling, downloading, or struggling required. Conducting a video call in Caretivity is the easiest way to get your team to meet remotely.

Share documents, consents, etc.

Share files in the same place you communicate. Caretivity teams can share, store, and access documents, photos, videos, and more.

Coordinate & schedule meetings

Find a time for your team to meet all within the app. Suggest a few dates and times and let the group vote on which work best.

Generate reports TO FULFILL compliance

All the great communication you do in Caretivity is recorded and ready to upload into your EHR/compliance systems.

Interested in Caretivity?

Contact us for a demo, or if you have any questions about how you can use Caretivity for your organization.