Caretivity helps social services teams communicate and collaborate across multiple systems, agencies, and disciplines


Who it’s for

Collaboration is the key to successful care teams.

Caretivity makes it easier to align team efforts, so there’s less complexity and more focus on those you care for. Teams from all types of social work love Caretivity.

Wraparound Teams

Specialized Dockets

Blended Case Management

Foster Care

Mental/Behavioral Health

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Early Intervention

Child Welfare

Drug Courts

School Social Work

Systems of Care

Juvenile Justice

Adult Care

Emancipated Youth

Family Team Meetings

Who it’s for

Built for social work.
Not just social workers.

Want to give access to parents, clients, or other professionals? Simply add them to your team on the app. We designed Caretivity to be flexible and intuitive to use.


There’s nothing like Caretivity.

We think you’ll love using it. Thousands of social workers already do.

“CareTivity REALLY helped us coordinate…”

I’m so thankful that we were already rolling it out in our county with our movement to work-from-home for the foreseeable future!

– Peggy Lewis, Director, Athens County Family and Children First Council


Caretivity helps you align efforts and be more effective.

Instantly communicate with your team, coordinate meetings, set tasks and reminders, share files—even touch base with video chat. All in one simple, easy to use app.

Improve Parent & Client Engagement

Parents and clients feel more comfortable participating in team discussions with Caretivity’s instant messaging & video calling.

Better engagement helps teams learn more about their clients and solve problems quickly.

Better Insight into Clients' Lives

By having important files, conversations, and progress located right in the app, Teams are always informed on how their clients are doing.

Better insight helps teams make better decisions, leading to quicker outcomes. 

Less Busy Work

Whether it’s by pulling an instant report on all your teams activities that uploads right into your EHR, or easily allowing the team to vote on the next available time for a meeting, teams spend less time doing admin work and more time providing help and care.

Save Time & Money

By simply using Caretivity, teams have access to all the documentation they need to properly bill, report, and stay compliant.

Without Caretivity, team members spend hours transcribing notes, texts, emails, and conversations. Caretivity turns those hours into seconds.


See what’s possible.

Caretivity is very easy to set up and use—but we’re happy to provide a demo that shows you what’s possible—for small teams or large organizations.


What You Can Do with Caretivity

Secure Team Messaging

Social workers, providers, staff, clients, and natural supports can all be a part of the team. They can instantly reach out to the team to ask a question, provide support, or just give a word of encouragement.

Simple Video Calling

You shouldn’t have to call tech support every time you want to schedule a video call. With Caretivity, HIPAA-secure calls can be launched instantly with the tap of a button.

Instant Direct Messaging

Some conversations aren’t meant for the full team. In Caretivity, messages can be sent to just a few people so that you get the right info to the right people.

Share & Store Files

Need to send a document over for review? Have paperwork that needs to be completed? Simply snap a picture and send files to your team.

Coordinate Schedules

Finding a time to meet that works for everyone can be time-consuming. In Caretivity, simply suggest a few times and your team can vote on the one that works best.

Simple Reporting

No more transcribing notes, screenshotting texts, and copy/pasting emails. Any info you need can be downloaded in seconds and uploaded to your EHR or Case Management System.


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