Caretivity is a Communication Tool That Helps Social Workers & Their Teams Provide the Best Quality Care for Clients


Great communication means stronger relationships, more insight, & less time wasted.

Improve Parent & Client Engagement

Parents and clients feel more comfortable communicating and participating in team decisions with Caretivity.

Better engagement helps teams learn more about their clients and solve problems quickly.

Better Insight into Clients' Lives

When clients and teams communicate better, more information is shared and the entire team benefits.

Team members can better perform their jobs and clients achieve their needs more effectively.

Less Busy Work

By bringing all your team communication into one place, teams send fewer emails, make fewer phone calls, and keep fewer notes.

Spending less time on administrative work means more time to focus on your clients and your vision.

Save Time & Money

Better communication means avoiding duplication of services, enjoying quicker progress to outcomes, and handling crises more easily.

All these benefits lead to more efficient spending for organizations.


What Users Are Saying About Caretivity

“CareTivity REALLY helped us coordinate an emergency situation that would have been more confusing via email!”


I’m so thankful that we were already rolling it out in our county with our movement to work-from-home for the foreseeable future!

– Peggy Lewis, Director, Athens County Family and Children First Council

“This app has been vital to total team communication.”

Anonymous, Mental Health Provider

“The immediate communication has been a driving factor for me!”

–  Anonymous, Juvenile Probation Officer


What Caretivity Can Do

Secure Team Messaging

Easy Video Calling

Instant Team Planning & Updates

Team Creation & Management

Communication at Your Fingertips

Communicating as a team has never been easier.

Our message board allows team members to ask questions, provide answers, and send updates instantly.

Social workers, providers, and most importantly families love using Caretivity for instant access to communication.

Meet Face to Face from Anywhere

Need to check in with clients, parents, or other team members?

Caretivity makes hopping on a video call easy. Downloading the app is simple and starting a call is even easier.

In just a few taps, you’ll be chatting face to face with anyone on the team.


More About Caretivity

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