How Social Workers Can Improve Communication on Their Multi-System Teams

By Caretivity

Caretivity helps social workers stay connected so they can provide better care to their clients. 

February 7, 2020

As we discussed in 5 Problems Social Workers on Multi-Disciplinary Teams Face, communication is a huge factor in the success of a multi-disciplinary or multi-system team.

Most teams discuss their cases at each team meeting, which can be up to a few weeks apart from each other. However, a lot can happen in between those meetings—sometimes crucial events that need immediate attention.

Teams have attempted to solve this problem through email and text messages.

Unfortunately, emails get lost easily and long chains become hard to follow. Text messages can be cumbersome, and groups are hard to control.

Both email and text messages can come with serious, typically unconsidered privacy risks. Not every recipient has encrypted email, and text messages aren’t always protected behind necessary authentication practices.

An App Built for Multi-System Team Communication

Luckily, there is now an easy-to-use app built specifically for multi-system teams struggling with efficient communication.

Caretivity is a free app available for teams to download and use for all their cases. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

The next section describes how the app works, but for more detailed instructions, you can read our user guides.

Does Your Team Suffer from Poor Communication?

Caretivity may be the answer. Simply download the app, invite your team, and start collaborating.

The Benefits of Caretivity

One Central Location for Communication

How often do emails get lost in an inbox of hundreds?

Do you often find long email threads tough to follow, only for one person to start a new thread and leave behind crucial information?

Do group text messages often become more of a distraction, and not contain the right people?

There are numerous reasons why a central location for team communication is necessary. Existing tools just don’t cut it.

Caretivity is built specifically for you. It makes multi-system team communication a breeze because information is centralized and easy to find.

Everyone Stays Informed

When team members have all the information about a case at their fingertips, they can enter team meetings better prepared and ready to plan.

Often, teams will meet and spend all their time discussing what has happened as opposed to what should happen. With Caretivity, meetings can be spent planning rather than informing.

Security & Privacy

The app has all the security and privacy guidelines built in and follows guidelines for regulations like HIPAA and 42CFR. It’s all encrypted in the cloud and secured behind each user’s unique username and password.

How It Works

Create Teams

Users can download the app and create teams.

Each team is a hub for communication around a client, case, or family. Each client can have their own team.

Invite Your Team Members

Once your team is created in the app, invite your multi-system team members by entering their names and email addresses.

They will receive an email letting them know you invited them to join.

All they must do is download the app and create their account with that email address.

Create Your Goals

Create a list of goals for your client. Some teams call these outcomes or life domains.

Goals are designed to be high-level categories for your “milestones” in the app.

Create Your Milestones

Milestones are specific tasks, to-dos, or general events that you want to track and communicate to your team.

Open a goal to create milestones for that goal.

Milestones can be assigned to specific people and include a deadline.

When an event occurs or a milestone is met, team members can add updates to that milestone for the rest of the team to see.

Send Messages in the Chatroom

Team members can also send general messages to the entire group. These messages could be questions or updates not related to milestones.

Get the App for Your Team

It’s easy to get started with Caretivity. Simply download the app, create your team, and start collaborating!

The app is so simple, almost anyone can use it. No training required.

Go ahead and give it a shot.

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