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Caretivity helps social workers stay connected so they can provide better care to their clients. 

July 1, 2020

Welcome to Caretivity.

The new way social workers will communicate with their multi-disciplinary teams.

If you have been with us for a while, then you have probably noticed a few changes to our brand in the past couple months. Let us give you an overview of what has changed recently.

May 2020 – We launched our new brand, including a new logo and color scheme, and our in-app video calling feature.

July 2020 – We changed our name from CareTeams.app to Caretivity. We also introduced some changes to how the free version of the app works.

Our free version allows any user to download the app and join teams at zero cost to them. Each user can also create a team for free. However, in order to create additional teams, users will need to upgrade to a paid plan. For more information on pricing and paid plans, please contact us.

We are committed to improving communication, collaboration, and service coordination for social workers in different systems of care.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

All the best,

The Caretivity Team

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