Care Story: Fixing Relationships Through Focused Communication

By Caretivity

Caretivity helps social workers stay connected so they can provide better care to their clients. 

January 25, 2021

The Family’s Background

Two separated parents, with a past filled with drug abuse and domestic violence, recently reunified with their son and split custody time each week. The parents had a hard time communicating with each other, leading to many problems for their child.

They did not coordinate their child’s doctor and dentist appointments, so his health suffered. They were not organized with his schooling, so his education suffered. They could not seamlessly pass him off to one another, so he would often be left without medication and clothes. They would even use him to spy on each other and get him to say bad things about the other parent.

The parents’ inability to communicate effectively was adding additional trauma to this child’s already traumatic life.

The Caseworker Takes Action

Their CPS caseworker decided to use Caretivity to help the parents communicate in a transparent way. The caseworker established the rule that Caretivity would be used as a tool for the parents to communicate for the benefit of their child and not to attack one another.

Seeing Great Progress

By the end of the second day, the parents made the commitment to stop using their son to talk about the other parent and instead communicate more directly with each other.

By the end of the third day, the father began expressing feelings of empathy toward the mother, proving that he was willing to mend their broken relationship.

And by the end of the fourth day, they were communicating pick-up and drop-off, making sure the child had all his clothes and medications each time. They even started to coordinate doctor and dentist appointments and share his school progress with one another.

In just one week with Caretivity, these parents were able to turn their child’s life from chaotic and traumatic to stable. Now he can focus on just being a kid!

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