About Us

Caretivity is a product by Northwoods, who makes high-tech software solutions that help state and county human services agencies do more with less and get the results they need.

Our mission is to help human services organizations provide better care through collaborative, team-based approaches. Rather than build a clunky software system that relies heavily on data entry, we wanted to build a product that people who receive services love to use, to connect them to the supports they need.

Our Values

We think team-based care is often the best form of care. That’s why we created Caretivity with the following values top-of-mind.

Team-Based Collaboration

Caretivity teams can include anyone involved, not just professionals, so that those team members can provide support.

Individualized Family Focus & Engagement

Caretivity lets families take ownership of the decision-making process, which has proven to produce more successful outcomes.

Strengths & Outcome focus

Caretivity is built to help families find their strengths, versus focusing on the where the family fell short.

Community-Based & Natural Supports

Caretivity encourages teams to tap into existing relationships for natural supports, which helps families stick to their plan.