About Us

Caretivity is a product by Northwoods, making high-tech software solutions that help state and county human services agencies do more with less and get the results they need.

Our mission at Caretivity is to help social services organizations provide better care through collaborative team-based approaches. Rather than build clunky, data-entry-intensive software systems, our goal is to build a product that the people receiving services love to use to connect them to the supports they need.

Our Values

We think team-based care is often the best form of care. That’s why we created Caretivity with the following values top-of-mind.

Team-Based Collaboration

It takes a village. By coming together, anything is possible. Caretivity allows teams to invite anyone they want to a team, not just professionals, so that they can provide support.

We believe all members of the team can make a difference, whether it’s lending a hand to help, a head to offer advice, or a heart to just listen.

Individualized Family Focus & Engagement

No one on the team knows the circumstances of the family they serve as well as the family members themselves.

Families that take ownership of the decision-making process are more likely to see successful outcomes.

Caretivity offers the opportunity for families to engage more and let their voices be heard.

Strengths & Outcome focus

It’s easy for teams to focus on where the family fell short, which can be demoralizing for those families.

Instead, teams should focus on the strengths of their families and how they can use those strengths to overcome challenges.

Caretivity allows teams to keep their eyes on the prize and never lose sight of their desired outcomes.

Community-Based & Natural Supports

When positive changes happen at home, in the community, and alongside those who the family trusts, positive outcomes are more likely to last.

Caretivity allows teams to tap into existing relationships for natural supports to contribute where it matters most.