Caretivity Helps Early Intervention Teams Succeed

Early intervention teams can achieve outcomes more efficiently with Caretivity. Get started in minutes.

Create Your Team

Gather your team in one central location

Caretivity brings your early intervention teams and their communication into one centralized location, making sure that the entire team is on the same page.

No chasing down long email threads or playing phone-tag with team members. Communicating is easier than ever.

Create Your Plan

Stay up-to-date on IFSP progress and outcomes

A lot can happen in between meetings. Your team needs to constantly be aware of the progress being made toward IFSP outcomes.

Caretivity allows progress notes and updates to be sent with just the tap of a few buttons. Never come into another meeting unprepared again.



Send Instant Messages

Share information and communicate instantly

The smallest daily tasks can sometimes present the biggest challenges. Be there for your families when problems arise.

Families can now engage their teams like never before and get help when they need it in their child’s natural environment.



What Caretivity Can Do

Secure Team Messaging

Communicate as a team, small group, or with individual team members.

Simple Video Calling

As easy as making a phone call, check in with your team or individuals.

Instant Direct Messaging

Communicate with the right people at the right time.

File Sharing & Storing

Need to send a document over for review? Simply snap a picture and send files to your team.

Schedule Coordinating

Finding time to meet can be time-consuming. Coordinate schedules through the app.

Simple Reporting

No more transcribing notes, screenshotting texts, and copying emails. Any info you need can be downloaded in seconds and uploaded to your EHR or case management system.

Interested in Caretivity?

Contact us for a demo, or if you have any questions about how you can use Caretivity for your organization.