Getting Started with Caretivity

If you’re new to Caretivity, check out the sections below to learn how to get up and running. If you don’t see an answer to what you need, feel free to contact us for help.

Getting Started

Caretivity is a mobile collaboration app for social workers and the teams they engage to provide the best care for their clients. If youre a social worker or service/team coordinator, youll want to reference all sections of this guide. If you were invited to join a team on this app, youll only need to reference some of the sections.

Downloading the App

You can download Caretivity just like you would any other app on your phone. Search for Caretivity in the App Store or Google Play Store, or follow these links to download the app for iPhone or Android.

The app is free to download and use by anyone on the team.

Creating an Account

After you download and open the app, tap Create an Account at the bottom of the screen.

On the Create an Account screen, youll need to enter the following information:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • A password

Use the toggle under these fields to agree to the Terms of Service, then tap Continue.

Verify Email screen will appear, and an email will immediately be sent to you with an email verification code. Enter that code into Caretivity, and your account will be created!

If you were invited to an existing team, skip to Creating Needs for Clients.

Or if you’re already invited to a team…