Using Caretivity

The sections below will help you get the most out of Caretivity for your multi-system team. If you don’t see an answer to what you need, feel free to contact us for help.

Creating Needs for Clients

Needs are high-level objectives for your clients (sometimes called outcomes or life domains). The app tracks need progress in flexible milestones, and milestone progress in updates, which can be used to manage the team’s daily tasks toward a happier, healthier client.

For example, your client may need to develop a better homelife to move toward reunification. One milestone in this need could be for a parent to achieve sobriety. The parent could be required to take routine drug tests and attend treatment sessions, which team members could follow with milestone updates. The team manages the breakdown of this need all from within the app, with clear objectives and better collaboration.

To create needs for clients, open the team and tap the More tab > Needs in the top banner, then tap Add a New Need in the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the Add a New Need screen, enter a name for your need and tap Save.

Creating Milestones for Clients

Milestones are smaller needs that you can use to track the progress of your needs. These smaller needs can be specific tasks or even events, with deadlines and assignees.

To add a milestone, tap the need you want to associate with your milestone, then tap Add a New Milestone in the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the Add New Milestone screen, enter or select the following information:

  • A name or description for the milestone
  • A completion date, or the follow-up date for a response
  • Names of team members to assign—Simply tap the names of the team member(s) you want to assign to the milestone.

Once you have your information entered, tap Save to create the milestone.

Updating Milestones

Updates provide the team with information on milestone progress, such as an interaction that a team member had with the client or a task/service that has been performed.

Requesting an Update

Team members can request updates to milestones. If you’d like to know how the milestone went, open the need and expand the milestone in the bottom right corner of the row.

Tap Request Update. Whoever is assigned to that milestone will receive a notification that a request was sent to them.

Adding an Update

Team creators can add updates to milestones. To add an update to a milestone, open the need and expand a milestone in the bottom right corner of the row.

Tap Add Update. On the Send an Update screen, indicate if it was negative, neutral, or positive, and add notes.

Tap Send to send your update, and you’ll see it when you expand the milestone.

Sending Messages to Team Members

From the Chat tab, you can send messages to team members to stay connected with your team outside of needs and milestones.

Team Chat allows you to communicate with the entire team. Direct Messages allow you to communicate with one or multiple team members. Once you select your chat type, use the Add Message field and the send icon next to this field to send your message. You can also start a video call with the team member(s) by tapping the video icon.

Video Calling Team Members

With video calls in Caretivity, you can reach team members and clients remotely, and can communicate face to face even when miles apart.

Video Calling One or Multiple Team Members

To start a video meeting with one team member, open the team and tap the Team tab in the top banner. Tap the video icon next to the team member to initiate the meeting.

A new screen appears, and your call will begin when the other team member accepts it. Calls received on iOS devices will appear as phone calls, while calls received on Android devices will appear as notifications.

Once you start the meeting with one team member, you can add additional team members to it by clicking the people icon, which shows all people in the meeting, then the plus icon next to the team member(s) you want to add.

Video Calling All Team Members

To start a video meeting with all team members, open the Team Chat. Tap the video icon at the bottom of the screen and choose to start the call.

A new screen appears, and your call will begin when another team member accepts it. If a team member doesn’t enter the meeting right away, they will receive a notification in the Chat tab and can join from there.

Sharing Files with Team Members

You can add files for all team members to view and use for collaboration.

Open the team and tap the More tab > Files in the top banner. Tap Add a New File to add a file to the team.

To view a file, tap it in the list. Once shared, you can remove the file or edit its name by tapping the ellipsis icon.

Managing Meetings

Meetings in Caretivity allow you to meet with the team to discuss the case, have one-on-one sessions with team members, and more.

To manage meetings, open the team and tap the Meetings tab in the top banner. A list of your meetings appears.

Tap Add a New Meeting to provide details for a meeting and assign a date and time. You can also coordinate the dates and times that work best for everyone.

To respond to a meeting, tap the pending meeting in the list. To join a video meeting, tap the meeting in the list then tap Join Meeting.