Care Stories

Success Stories of Caretivity in Action

See what these social services teams accomplished just by implementing Caretivity as their tool for communication.

Transferring a Child to a New Home

At the last minute, a high-risk child needed to be transferred out of a residential facility and into a new one. The mother notified her team in Caretivity and asked them for help.

The team coordinator, a service provider, and the family’s natural support all hopped on a video call to walk through the application process and developed a plan for a seamless transition.

Improving a Child's Living Situation

A child was suddenly experiencing an unsuitable living condition. Through the app, the father shared his ideas to improve his child’s situation and accepted help from others. The team found an alternative for the child in a matter of hours.

Then the team provided a Caretivity-generated report in court to demonstrate how the father could step up in a time of need, ultimately leading to reunification with his child.

Creating a Support System for a Mother

A child’s health issues often led to sudden changes in plans and emotional stress. Caretivity gave the mother an outlet for seeking in-the-moment advice, coordinating new schedules, and receiving support from people who cared.

When the team’s services had concluded with the family, the family decided to continue using Caretivity to keep their positive support system intact.

Stabilizing Parent/Child Relationships

Two separated parents recently reunified with their son and split custody time each week. The parents had a hard time communicating with each other, leading to many problems for their child. So their CPS caseworker decided to use Caretivity to help the parents communicate in a transparent way.

By the end of the week, the parents were communicating pick-up and drop-off, making sure their child had all his clothes and medications each time. They even started to coordinate doctor and dentist appointments and share his school progress with one another.

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