Using the Caretivity Web Portal

The sections below will help you access and use Caretivity on your desktop. If you don’t see an answer to what you need, feel free to contact us for help.

Accessing the Web Portal

You can log in to the web portal by clicking Log In in the banner above, or by going to Use your existing email and password to enter the web portal.

Managing Teams and Team Members

The web portal allows you to manage your teams and team members. Screens and buttons may have different locations on your desktop, but these Caretivity features will work the same as in the mobile app.

Your teams display on the left side of the page and can be collapsed for more space. The tabs to manage team members, participate in chats, add files, and create reports display to the right.

Team owners can edit team information by clicking the ellipsis icon next to the team name. They can edit team member information by clicking on a name in the Team tab list then clicking Edit Information. Click Add a New Team Member to add more people to the team.

Sending Messages to Team Members

From the Chat tab, you can send messages to team members to stay connected with your team.

Team Chat allows you to communicate with the entire team. Direct Messages allow you to communicate with one or multiple team members. Once you select your chat type, use the Add Message field and the send icon next to this field to send your message.

Sharing Files with Team Members

You can add files for all team members to view and use for collaboration.

Open the team and click the Files tab in the top banner. Click Add a New File to add a file to the team.

To view a file, click it in the list. Once shared, you can remove the file or edit its name by clicking the ellipsis icon.

Creating Reports

The Reports tab allows you to create and download a report for a specified date range. This report includes a snapshot of the team’s details, needs, milestones, messages, meetings, and video calls. Select a date range and click Create and Download to view your report.

Managing Your Organization

The web portal allows organization administrators to view their team count and manage their team owners. To get started, click the top right menu and select My Organization.

The Info tab displays your active teams and remaining teams. If you want to increase your number of remaining teams, you can archive teams in the mobile app.

In the Members tab, you can view your team owners and other organization administrators. Click Add a New Team Owner to add more team owners.